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Dear business and major customers,

Welcome to easy-tabs and the world of professional and effective cleaning tabs. We have set ourselves big goals and would like to inspire you with our sustainable products and their fantastic environmental properties. Our company thinks much further than many other companies when it comes to the environment. We not only save tons of CO2, but also tens of thousands of tons of plastic and fossil fuels. In addition, we are committed to planting trees together with the WWF and actively protecting our nature. Of course, every country where our products are offered and sold will benefit from our environmental protection project. Find out more on our social media channels and under our ENVIRONMENTAL PROMISE.

Why easy-tabs, our advantages!

Our easy-tabs are not just tabs, but a piece of technology in the truest sense of the word. All our products are optimized for their field of application, so that only the really necessary basic materials have to be used. The premium easy-tabs for cars have a weight of 8g so that an excellent cleaning of your windshield is always guaranteed. We put special emphasis on removing insects, road grime and other stubborn dirt without leaving streaks. All easy-tabs are designed in such a way that rubber and plastic parts are protected, so that more safety can be ensured here as well. The same properties are also available for the easy-tabs in the truck area, so that here too maximum cleaning performance can be combined with gentle properties.


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